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Hi there! Welcome to my handcrafted natural gemstone bracelets shop inspired by my 12-yr old son on spectrum. I am not a reiki master or a gemologist. I am someone who are obsessed with crystals and what they can do to help you with your condition. I started to make a bracelet for my son to help him with his autism and behavioral issues.

I do not claim to be a Crystal Intuitive. The information I give on Crystal Meanings is the result of research, using well established and respected sources. I'm simply someone sharing my love of crystals!

Crystals certainly won't solve all of your problems - but they are a wonderful tool in living a more present and mindful life.

My goal is to make affordable and unique jewelry that people can wear day to day, allowing them to embrace the energies crystals have to offer. Each piece is handmade with love and positive intentions!

with love,